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Planned Maintenance Program

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· Electrical connections

· Operators for secure mounting

· Cracked welds

· Belts, pulleys, and pulley alignment

· Test overall operation of gate system

· Test battery backup for proper operation

· Test phone line for clear dial tone

Our PM program is structured to help prevent catastrophic break downs which in some cases may involve a costly emergency call, vehicle strikes, emergency vehicles unable to enter property, residents unable to enter/exit property, and unnecessary wear and tear on equipment. Prior to each visit our technician will call the contact person and ask if there are any existing problems that need to be addressed. Once on site if the technician finds any issues that need immediate attention he will call the contact person with a price for immediate repair. After each PM performed Gate Pros will send a detailed statement of the condition of your gate system and a proposal to repair any issues.


Proudly Serving: Hillsborough, Pinellas, Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte, Hardee, Lee, and Highlands County.

Offices in Manatee and Hardee.


 Program Checklist

Three times per year we will test and inspect the following:

· All safety devices

· Emergency devices, if present

· Loose bolts, rollers, or hinges

· Excessive wear on moving parts

· Proper gate and/or barrier arm alignment

· Proper lubrication of moving parts and lubricate if possible

· Oil levels, leaking operator, and leaking gearboxes