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Don’t Just Dream About A Perfect Outdoor Space.
For a great season, transform your yard into a beautiful and fun place.

There’s no better place than your own backyard for relaxing, entertaining and enjoying the outdoors. 
And there’s no better time than summer to spruce up your space.  If you’re thinking about upgrading a humdrum yard into something special, here are some things to consider.


Did you that you can help avoid summer mosquito bites by having us install LED yard lighting for night, which is less likely to attract mosquitoes than incandescent lights.


When we plan your space, we make safety a top priority. Since evenings are prime-time for season long entertaining, lighting is an essential safety measure.

We start by considering where you need to increase visibility. Choosing post-mounted lanterns near driveways and wall-mounted lanterns next to doors for ease of access and to welcome guests are excellent choices.

For deck stairs or terraced paths, step lights aid in navigation.


Your yard is an extension of your home, so don’t let it's design and style fall by the wayside when planning its look.

For a touch of natural beauty Illuminate paths and define edges where the garden or grass meet walkways,

The interplay of light and shadow adds magic to the night. By carefully placing accent lights at upward or downward angles and using wall wash lighting, we can silhouette your trees and direct shadows.

Energy savings

Don’t let your exterior spaces drive up your home’s energy bills. New LED deck and landscape lights are low-maintenance, cost-effective options.

Lasting up to 40,000 hours – about 15 years – these fixtures use 75% less energy than incandescent lights.

“Since outdoor lighting is often left on all night or for many hours at a time, savings from LED lighting can really add up.

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